What to do in Tenerife. Beach leisure.

Haven´t you enjoy beach jet? Enjoy it as you deserve!. Tenerife, as the rest of the islands, offer the best different options to have a swim. Maybe, you prefer practicing surf or windsurf. You can be sure that el Médano and El Socorro beaches are waiting you to be discovered as unique places to find new challenges to reach. The wind waves will make you fly.

Banana Boat      Parasailing

And also you´ll be able to try the famous water roller coaster “el plátano”, a boat where you can try endure waves beats following the outboard that guide you. Caution curves ahead!. People love feeling breeze parasailing shore or even loosing themselves for a while with jetski or waterbikes, getting far away, making their own adventure. One of most water sport required by visitor last years has been the flyboarding. Touching the ski jumping is really something that nobody can´t miss.


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