Puerto de la Cruz

What to do in Puerto de la Cruz

Perhaps Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife) is not considered such a big city, however it has become one of the most valued island leisure point. “San Felipe” fortress is one the main historic building recycled to an artistic and cultural event centre. Before visiting “La Concepción” church (very close to San Telmo) you can have a nice pizza in “Don Camilo” restaurant or maybe   if you   prefer try the best canarian gastronomy in “La Carta” Restaurant La Ranilla area, both).

San Telmo and Martianez´s walks are some other main spots for buying branded clothes, perfumes and specialized islands souvenirs. Lago Martianez complex show visitors an atractive swimming area and restaurant with free entry from six o´clock. But if you want to have a nice Capuccino you better wait to arrive to La Coronela Restaurant ( Martianez beach) where from first sea line you will be witness of the stunning north island´s cliffs.

Calle de la Hoya, Plaza del Charco, and El Botánico are, also, some well known crowded area to enjoy Puerto de la Cruz at night. El Botánico area gives the opportunity to go to “Botanical Garden”   as part of an important exhibit centre of exotic tropical and sub-tropical flora. Not very far away San Amaro chapel is the perfect place to have, indeed, a great view from top of the touristic city.

Puerto de la Cruz ( Tenerife) is not such a big city but it has become one of the most enjoyable leisure touristic resorts.

  • Castillo de Playa jardín.
  • Plaza del Charco.
  • San Telmo.
  • El lago martianez
  • Loro Parque
  • Iglesia de …
  • Playa Martianez. Surf
  • Miradorv botánico. Hermita de San Amaro.


  • Rancho Grande, Pomodoro.
  • Copa calle de la hoya.

Zumeria Brasil botánico.

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