Victoria Garden, La Orotava & Taoro´s English Library and All Saints Church. (Puerto de la Cruz)

1.- Victoria Garden, La Orotava.

Located in the historic centre of la Orotava, Parque Victoria, is a XIX century green area, designed with an enderic eclectic style. The diversity of endemic flowers, the simetric landscape design and it  unique fontains make this place more attractive even.

These gardens were firstly built in 1880 as a mausoleum for Diego de Pinte, Marquis of the Quinta Roja, after bishop denied christian sepulture because his hostility to catholic rite. After the sepulture was approved, they’ve decided to bury his remains on the Victoria Gardens. With stunning  views of Orotava  valley and Puerto de la Cruz you  will feel pleased to come back if one friend invite you again.

2.- Puerto de la Cruz. Taoro´s English Library and All Saints Church.

Taoro´s Park is one of this places in  Puerto de La Cruz that join natural environment with the beauty of nineteen century  british architecture  hereditage. Sample legacy is the historic Anglican All Saints Church of Taoro built in the late of 1880 for  british settled resident in Tenerife.

Very close to  “All Saints”Church , we can find  English Library,  a victorian style building built in 1903 through collaboration of private funding, becoming one of the most important  metropolis overseas collection 100 years ago. Nowadays has more than 30,000 fiction and non-fiction titles available listed on stock.

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