Excursiones, La Gomera, Tenerife

Trips: Dolphins watching in La Gomera.

La Gomera and Tenerife are some of the best location for whale watching. Childs love the experience of seeing this lovely cetaceans following the boat and leap out near the stock boat. mottled, mular and ordinary dolphins are diferent kind of species can be watched out more frecuently in south of the islands. Also rough-toothed dolphins can be watched also sometimes.

Seabirds, turttle, flying fishes are part of ocean habitat wich make funnier trips even. In fact, this inteligent animals show us the social skill and speed leave a long trail back. Enjoy the stunning views of south island´s volcanic cliffs. Some dolphin watching services give the opportunity of having a nice swimm in ocean for a while.

Is important to respect animal´s habitat and keeping the sustainability for natural sources. Protect this beatiful animals is our main responsability. Don´t forget either taking your hat and your sun cream protection Trips from Valle Gran Rey and Puerto Santiago are available.

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