Tenerife Island


Tenerife Island, the largest of the Canaries, is a place full of contrasts, which will impress you for its beauty and variety. It is like a small continent with so many attractions to offer: now you are at the sunny beach enjoying the winter sun and in less than one hour you are up the mountain enjoying the forests and local flora, which walkers enjoy so much. Apart from its beauty, this tourist destination offers you all you need to enjoy your holiday: exquisite local cuisine, wonderful wines at a very reasonable price (we can provide a list of local hidden restaurants), many corners to drink coffee outdoors, a wide variety of shops, surprising architecture, modern Spas with the newest treatments, lovely boat excursions… and the visit to one of the most beautiful places on earth: Mount Teide National Park, which is crowned by the majestic volcano to which it owes its name and which is, at an altitude of 3,718 metres, Spain’s highest mountain.