Secret beaches in Tenerife.

1.- Los Patos

Los Patos is a lovely beach located in La Orotava, connected to Bollullo and Ancón beach either.  This beach is one of the few  one destinated for nudism lovers in Tenerife. If you want  to have quiet one hour walk to Botánico( residencial area in Puerto de la Cruz)   you better follow the  coastline that can be fully hiked on a formal path available. Intense black sand and  growing bananas plantation  in valley make this place  such a very romantic sightseeing point of the north of the island. Fresh air and virgin  nature environment will take  you, indeed,  to another world.

Playa Los Patos

2.- Benijos

Located in the eastern extreme side of island, in the base of Anaga´s Park, Benijos allow you  to live the  unique experience  of  feeling fresh sea breeze, watching the contrast of stone colours and  touching the volcanic rock emerging magically from first sealine, all at the same time. Stunning spot to take good camera shots for sharing friends. Also, very close to Benijo´s Beach, are some local restaurant where having awesome meal.

Playa de Benijos

3.- La Caleta (Adeje)

La Caleta Beach, ( Adeje, South of Tenerife) remind us the endless beauty of island coast with it charasteristic red and White lava rock. Having a  swimm in warm and transparent water  will be an atractive experience, more even, for those who are not use to go to beach in winter!. You will know the  overwhelming feeling of peace and admiration overlooking snow capped mountains and the sunset at the beach. Something that many people will not believe when you tell them.

Playa de La Caleta

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