Loro Park

If there´s a place that Tenerife´s visitors love is Loro Park´s delphinarium in Puerto de la Cruz. Awarded by Trip Advisor as the best zoo of Europe, this famous resort has one of the biggest collection of parrots of the world. A great zoo and botanical garden inside make this wildlife conservation center more complete even. In fact, is really fascinating to watch what all this mammal are able to do by themselves. They will surprise us jumping, dancing or splashing spectators with their tail. Soon we will discover how this animals stand up on water, shaking their bodies, funnily in the enormous pool prepared for them.

Loro Park

Handlers riding over dolphins , killer whales somersaults and children touching and playing with them are some activities can be lived as part of show. Of course, we will enjoy how marine lions are trained to play with balls that are given as part of a game. Of course, when the show is finished you will be able to have a nice lunch in one of the many restaurants available in this green heart of the north of the island and enjoy the different souvenir shops prepared for tourist that are welcome indoor.

Loro Park

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