Actividades culturales, Tenerife

Nature and Man museum

Nature and Man museum

Museum of Nature and Man (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) was “Our Lady of the Forsaken” hospital before becoming a museum (built in 1745). This Bioatronpology institute and Archeological Museum treasure inside one of the most interesting Canary island history exhibition. Mummified Guanches and ancient Tenerife’s culture sample will show us how was hte aborigin’s life style before XIV century spanish conquest. You can not miss.

ARTLandya museum

ARTlandya is located very closet to the Centre of Icod de los Vinos, the small town with it historic towncentre where is also the Millenary Dragon Tre. Funny teddy bears and original porcelain dolls inside surprise visitors when come into this restored ancient house with a nice indoor garden to walk . A handcraft shop, available inside, make this Little museum more atractive even. Stunning view from terrace to Teide and sea make this place quiet and quite special. Accesibility building design and parking available make visitors have a little bit more comfortable experience when wants to access into this lovely building.

History and Antropological Museum

Casa Lercaro is one of the historic hacienda located in La Laguna, declared world heritage in 1999. Different rooms in the interior will show the history of Tenerife S.XV to S.XX. . (Calle San Agustín, 2238201 San Cristóbal de La Laguna


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