La Gomera


How to arrive to Majona. Las Casestas on the TF711 road, from San Sebastián to Hermigua and from there to El Palmar. The first climbs to La Degollafa de Guerode to access the ravine of Majona and the second reaches Juel Ravine. From this track in the altitude of El Palmar, brings us the town of Taguluche. Both tracks are in altitude of Raso de Ruel.

Majona Natural Park is one of the best ecosistem of La Gomera not only for it beauty of the ravines but also for it local diversity whealthness. Are remarkable La Gomera´s Lizzards , and endemic falcon species and also different kind of bats integregated in area. Heather and Fayal and Laurel forests which are part of Garajonay National Park limit. Enchereda Hamlet is part of the rest of it ancient farm tradition. Don´t forget taking water, montain boots, suncream and water. Very close to this are Agulo and Hermigua are nice villages to recover energy after one complete journey.

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