Los órganos, A Cathedral built over the sea.

Los Organos is an amazing volcanic formation located in north of la Gomera. 200 m. high and 80 m wide make this natural place the most similar to a church organ that anyone can imagine. Only the the strengh of waves and wind beating rock can explain the mistery of the beauty over this natural wall throughout thousand of years

From Valle Gran Rey we can take a boat and make a tour arround the island. Maybe if you are lucky you will be able to watch some dolphins. A huge block of basaltic sticks emerge from the sea to give us, hardly, an spiritual experience. From sea is easy also to gaze wonderful valleys, increidibles cliffs or discovering hidden secret beaches along the coast.

The journey includes a tasty sangría and tapas on boat. The trip can take a few hours so we always recommend being well protected with suncream and a cap. The rest is just leting yourself enjoying maybe one of the best of your life.

Make you booking in.

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