Elected  the best traveler choice in Europe and third worldwide by Trip Advisor, Loro Parque, is a theme park located in Puerto de la Cruz, that has been 30 year the main entertainment spot  of the islands for visitors  and a very importan cientific investment centre and a divulgative support for  nature conservationist.

A huge parrots collection are shown along this zoo with an atractive botanical garden wich flowers samples have been brought from all around the world, specially from Asia and South America. The diversity of exotic plants will leave you breathless. Gorillas, White Tiggers and Jaguars and many other animals are part of the large list of atraction that can not be missed. Have you seen the biggest refrigerator in the world ? The answer you can find it in the Pinguin indoor centre. We should not forget  either a 1,200,000  water litres themed exhibit, an aquarium that inmerse you to endangered species of seas and rivers.

Unique species can be found on the way: huge Gorillas, White tigers or even playful dolphins or killer whales, those one as deadly as social and smart. Dolphinarium in each case, is the most atractive performance for visitors, with all the guarantee of safety of an awesome show that will be loved, specially, by childrens.

Another theme park atraction in Tenerife is Siam Park, located South, Adeje, offering the best bet to spend a complete day among pools and waterslide but also for having a relaxing sunbath with their quite comfortables hammocks on the beach. ¿ On the beach?. Yes!. Artificial beach is part of the magnificient infrastructure. Waves impulsed by human engineer will make you jump inside water like a child with the benefit of saveguards, share all arround the leisure complex.

Dragon Water is the most wanted on tour: a huge slide water funnel that will make you feel as a hero or you will scream as never instead. Anyway, you will finish splashing into water, always laughing. The Power Tower slide is another ramp of 28 meters height, only for brave souls who wants to defy gravity. Fathers, indeed, would be grateful of having a rest for a while in Mai Thai River, a placid channel to relief from thepressure of acumulate feelings in this “ fast and furious” challenge.

Restaurants, souvenir shopping and locker rooms are available for having a safety, comfortable and complete service to make visitors enjoy an unworried family day. Some extra tips : Don´t forget taking Sandals, suncream and a fine hat or cap and avoid getting tanning/sunburn around midday!. Taking any food or any snack inside from home is not allowed from the entrance of Siam Park. However, Siam Park and Loro Parque offer transfer solutions to bring costumer from Hotels to their centres.

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