Excursiones, La Gomera

La Gomera, the island of 1000 ravines

Mirador de AbranteWhen we arrive to La Gomera, San Sebastian de la Gomera, chapital city, we understand we are breathing history, tradition, nature, a unique fresh air that make feel you are in your place. One of the most important atractive historic site is La Torre del Conde, a huge built in XVI century.

From San Sebastian we take TF 713 road wich bring us to Garajonay National Park, declared World Hereditage site by UNESCO in 1981, an authentic natural laurisilve forest reserve. Two obligatory places to stop: “El Cedro” and “Morro Agando” sightseeing spot. A perfect place to take a good shot with your camara and views you can not miss.

Risco de Abrante, is another 620m high from sea sightgseeing spot. A fabolous panoramic of Tenerife and Agulo village can be enjoyed at the same time . If you want to try the best natural traditional buiscuits of the island, you are forced to go down and stop in this charming village ( Agulo).

El Santo ( Arure, Valle Gran Rey), Punta de Alcalá ( Vallehermoso), Manaderos ( San Sebastian) or La Merica ( Valle Gran Rey) are some other unforgettable places to take the most of the island of deep ravines..

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