Kitesurf in El Medano

Kitesurf is a water sport that allow sliding over the water  using a kite and a  wakeboard. Freestyle, race and surfkite are some of the options available to practice it.

In  El Médano, Kitesurfing has become the most popular water sport and the fascination of gliding or hovering over the water with a kite and a board is attracting more and more people.In the meantime, the technical estándar of kites has grown and the quality of teaching with it. This make posible to reach learning success.

We have to plus perfect climatic conditions on Tenerife and unique flat water spot near La Tejita make this even easier. In fact, Medano´s Beach has become one of the world championship reference already celebrate last years.  Located between La Tejita and Playa Grande, Medano has a charmy  hippie environment wich everyone love.

Kitesurf school/ Escuela de Kitesurf:

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