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Gofio, a gastronomic treasure of Canary Islands

Gofio, a gastronomic treasure of Canary Islands


Gofio is a flour made from toasted cereals or even legumes, being wheat and corn gofio the most popular in the Canary Islands.

Five centuries ago, the Guanches, the aboriginal people of the Canary Islands, used Gofio as part of their diet. These days, Gofio is still consumed, being part of many local dishes.

This traditional canarian food is quite easy to prepare. It can be mixed with milk, added to soups, honey or bananas. Gofio is used in many different recipes, such as “pella de gofio” (ball of gofio with honey and almonds), “sancocho” (salted fish dish),”escaldón de gofio” (scalded gofio), gofio mousse and many others gofio desserts. Nowadays Gofio is not only present in the traditional canary restaurants but also in the Canarian dishes of haute cuisine.

Gofio was introduced into the Caribbean and Latin America by the canarian emigrants. It can be found in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina.

This natural food is well known for its high nutricional values. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fiber. Due to its remarkable nutritional properties, this toasted flour is recommended to everyone, but it is specially suitable for children, teenagers, people who have special dietary needs, and generally it is ideal for those who want a balanced and healthy diet.

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