Garachico is one of the most charming towns of Tenerife, not because nature or cuisine but also for it history. We propose trekking around this old villa: The  San Juan del Reparo´s walk. The trail we talk about runs along the Camino de Herradura,  and is formed as the result of  Montaña Negra ( Las Cañadas National Park) eruption wich lava flew over buring the ancient village in 1706.  Hardly at the end of walk a nice sightseeing spot can be found to glimpse Garachico´s dock and the urban centre village.

After walk you may  try the best of local gastronomy in some well known restaurant downtown :  Mirador de Garachico,  Ardeola  Restaurant, Terraza Miramar Restaurant are some of them. San Francisco´s square, Church of Santa Ana and San Jose chapel or  el  San Francisco´s convent are some of emblematic building to visit you can not miss.  Having a swimmbath  in Garachico´s cove ( Cala de las viejas), with their laberinthic stones that will make you enjoy the island as never to finish day.

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