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Walking: keeping fit step by step

Walking: keeping fit step by step


       Walking is a way of looking after yourself, simply by putting one foot in front of the other. Walking is good for both body and mind. So off you go!.


       What could be easier than walking?. Step by step, you squire lung capacity and stamina, everyone on their own pace. Walking is good for blood circulation, bowel frecuency, for keeping spirit and even for libido. Moreover  helps to loose weight,

You need at least 40 min to loose  off fat. After 3 hours muscles begins to burn up calories.  Of course helps to reduce risk of heart failure and helps to live better.


        If  you start walk short distance you will increase gradually as you become fitter.

So you will walk better, less puffing and you recover faster.




 Nordic Walking.


          Unlike of traditional way of walking involves the use of Nordic Stick. Nordic walk exercise arms, pectoral muscles, shoulder and neck.  Of course improves oxygenation  and accentuates de natural balancing movements of arms during the walk and helps straighten the arms.



Five Golden Rules.


1.      Before setting out, have a good hearty breakfast and the night before eat pasta or rice to keep up you energy.


2.      To remain hydrated and avoid getting camp, you have to eat before feeling thirsty, taking small pips, more or less every 20 minutes.


3.      Take a snack with you ( nuts or cereal bars ) to avoid feeling faint


4.      If it´s sunny cover your head and use protective sun cream. Especially on your face and neck. !


5.      Look the weather forecast the day before.


Walking has got good effects for your body.


           Heart: blood pressure stabilises and the blood circulation  improves


            Fat: it helps to fight against becoming overweight and makes the body firmer.



            Lungs: as the blood is circulating better, the lungs also receive more oxygen and the lung capacity improves.


         Furthermore, walking is an excellent way of keeping  your spirit up because it helps you to  get rid of the stress cause by sedentary life to make friends. A good walk with friend,  is a good occasion to chat and strength friendship…and this is not bad thing.





          Waking can be done at any age with not special training.


          To really benefit you have to walk at least 45 min a day.


          You should begin walking short distances, increases them gradually.


           Walking in a group makes for harmonious relation ships.


           It is essential to take great care of your feet.


          Food with extravitality


         Shunshine, sea air, land rich minerals…are the island secret for health and wellness. Why don´t you try them and enjoy the benefits.











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