Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1



Vilaflor is the highest Village of  Spain ( 1500 m. altitude) . The narrow of their streets define one of the most important characteristic of urbanism in islands.  The center of the village is a quite place to visit, near to nature and integrated in forest crown of Tenerife, next to Las Cañadas National Park.

Vilaflor can be enjoyed when is visited with different atractive activities of leisure, food and culture:

a.-Sports.  Mountain and outdoor sports , like paragliding, climbing and mountain biking are a good  chance to take the most of the island.

b.-Nature. It is the perfect place to find characteristical  fauna containing species as important as blue chaffinch, the great spotted woodpecker, sparrowhawk, buzzard, kestrel, dove, common mosquito net, crow…

c.-Agriculture and Livestock.  Very well known is the quality of  mineral water extracted from galleries, taken to suministrate   the rest of the island.  When we talk about agricultural wealth we can find potatoes, honey, almonds, figs, and grapes. Cheese is obtained from goats and it organic farming is well known

d.-Architecture. Church of St. Peter  Apostle and the birthplace of Blessed Hermano Pedro, Pedro de San Jose Betancur are other interesting places to visit.

e.-Food. Canarian potatoes, mojo picon, salted fish, dogfish and cod-pot canary, goat meat, artisan cheeses , cakes almond shortbread …

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