Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1


XI Festival Internacional de Clownbaret en Tenerife. ( 6-22 Oct.).

XI Clownbaret Internacional Festival is celebrate again this year offering different shows with different theater groups will perform and workshops and conferences available. We have selected the main one :

1) Abubukaka. As a very well known theatre group in Canary Island is giving the best shows from 2009. all profits of this satiric show will be destínate to Payasos sin Fronteras ( Clown without Borders) fund, NGO which help children patient to have a better stay in hospital. ( Plaza del Principe, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 21.30).

2) Isidoro Silveira. Considereded as one of the best world jugglers he is Record Guinness managing five football baloon at the same time. With long experience he has have being acting in the main Casino, TV, a theatres world wide.

3) Malabreikers & Clownbaret. Malabreikers is a street jugglers comedy, acrobatic show mixed with humor performance ready to entertain to all family. (Sábado 21 Plaza del Principe. S.C Tenerife. 13.00) ; Clownbaret is a funny duo where all the imagination and classic circus is mixed perfectly. ( Sábado 21. Plaza del Principe, Sta Cruz de Tenerife. 12.00 h).

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