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A good client has sent us his particular point of view about the restaurants he visited in Tenerife during the days he  stayed here and we are delighted to share it:


The Guachinches are rural restaurant were home made wine is sold. Stews are well known also, and very atractive with a good price. Most of them are localized in La VictoriaLa Victoria, La Matanza, Santa Ursula, La Perdoma, etc..

Casa Lino was recommended but we coudnt find it but we knew about a similar called Guachinche Lito in Santa Ursula. We ate chikpeas and grilled rabbit

Also pork ribs grilled could be tried and it look very appetizing. Wine was nice but as Guachinches tradition dictate dessert or coffe are not available or not served. ( 13 Euros / person)


La Quinta Crespo   Restaurant .- Fresh fish and local wine. Tacoronte to Tejina, 161 , Tacoronte (Tel: 922.56.04.46) Chikpeas with Cod and Old Stew, only boiled in salted water, onion and bay leaf.  I have never tried a fish with so delicate and tasty meat. The la vieja had a very nice texture and taste with aromas of fresh seafood. It was really a delicious meal. For dessert we had a homemade cake of 3 milk and a papaya with orange juice


Trasmayo  Restaurant , specialized in seafood and meats.  General Road Las Cruces Garachico ( 2km from Garachico) (Tel: 922.83.02.74)

A real good fried squid and fish . I asked for vieja back but i have to admit i like more stewed. Is much better texture and flavour of the meal of this excellent fish.  ICouldn´t not tell what was the best ( 20 Euros / person)


Liceo Taoro Restaurant. We wanted to try to Canary dishes.: Watercress cream and salmorejo source rabbit, so we could found it here, a little palace with a beatiful garden in the center of La Orotava. ( 15 Euros). Distinguished and impeccable service must be proud of having a superb cuisina with a good presentation and careful preparation. Coffe can be enjoyed of the terrace overlooking the garden in a very relaxed atmosphere.


Casa Africa Restaurant .- Roque de las Bodegas , 3,.- Phone 922.59.01.00 Rustic ,  very popular for tourists, but with a very good traditional food. Fruit salad and vegetables (great) – fried octopus and red peppers (real good). Cherne and wrinkled potatoes fried with red mojo (good). (17 Euros / person).

I loved  red mojo and i asked if  could sell me, so their packaged in jars at the price of 3 euros . I think it´s worth taking it as souvenir so I can remember at home in future when i stayed in Canaries eating potatoes seasoned with mojo. We must to be careful to put the jar well protected in the ckecked bag.


VIEWPOINT GARACHICO RESTAURANT – General Rd San Juan del Repair, 54 Garachico (on the road that looks Garachico below) – (tel.: 922.83.02.94)

Place  with a overwhelming  view of Garachico and  the coast of the village . I ate  Rancho Canario. extraordinary as anywhere.


Restaurant Sabor Canario near the Casa de los Balcones. I came here because I had very good memories of other times. This time i din´t like at all.


BAR Restaurant Laguneta – 922.69.03.06. It is a house in the middle of the mountain. Very rustic place but very interesting where Tipical Canarian food is served. . It is a house in the middle of the mountain. nteresting place to eat in a days you have a nice trip14 E/ person)

GUARGACHO (Las Galletas)

Guachinche el Cordero. Villa Lomo 1 (922.73.41.71)

Just before reaching Guargacho. Recognizable because it is always full of cars parking.  Very well known and famous in the island because the prices and service. Rustic very large, with two dining rooms, an indoor and outdoor- Not only specialized in Canary tipical cuisine but also in grilled meat: delicious.   You can order a combination of several things on the grill: Hot dogs, sausage, chicken, pork, ribs, veal.. The veal chops grilled great. (20 Euros)


One of the gifts  of this travel have been coffes and shots of the Canaries. Ordinary coffe is not special at all to one who is to other kind of coffee but is remarkable Zaperoco o Barraquito: coffe,  natural milk, condensed milk, lemon peel, cinamon and liquor, (Licor 43, Tia Maria or Kahlua).

When we talk about shot at the end of the meal ask not  for  the classical apple, peach, or herbs shot but Honey or Caramel Vodka. They are exquisite.


Of all I want to remark  Quinta Crespo Tacoronte Restaurant. The best service and the best food at the best price with a waiter very friendly  : Miguel Acosta.

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