Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1





   Güimar  Pyramids are situated 26 km from Santa Cruz They are arqueologic symbol in Tenerife. 

 It was in 1990 when was discovered the amazing position of the pyramids which mark the entrance angle of the summer solstice and winter. Solstice guidelines made some people think that the Pyramids were ancient temples.  However, with  this indication,   solstice orientation alone signs, is not possible to conclude anything on the date of  any construction.





Thor Heyerdahl was an archaeologist who proposed  the possibility that the pyramids had religious purposes and not  mere  cultivation levels and also suggested they could reach the northern tribes of Africa papyrus canoes. Nevertheless, This complex theory would still not prove the origin of the Guanches tribes. Taking out discussions about this subject is  undeniable the beauty of the place that situate the ethnographic park as a public interest centre.

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