Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1



The sun is essential for life, an is necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D in human specie, promotes blood circulation and improves treatment against skin diseases. It is also known its effect on the production of neurotransmitters, chemicals that facilitate the activity of neurons.

UVB rays, and the heat effect penetrate the epidermis and stimulate the melanocytes (skin cells that produce melanin, the substance that gives color to the skin brown.)

Not only influences the type of skin but other factors that influence the intensity of burns:

The time of day and time of year. For example, at midday in summer UV rays stronger impact.

Latitude. When we move to Ecuador will receive more solar radiation.

The height from the sea level. Solar radiation increases as one moves geographically.

Reflection of light. A place can reflect more light than another (eg, skiing) burns affecting more strongly.

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