Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1

Guachinches!: cheap and fun!






 “Guachinche” is what we call a restaurant in the Canary island which means  that restaurant is not actually authorized as such. Any place,  for example a garage, which serves the typical gastronomy of the islands (meat, ribs, potatoes, variety of “ mojos”, etc. is included in this category. ) The “Guachinches” are not usually in the centre of cities of tours but on the outskirts, offering charm and inexpensive food on routes that are not determinied by tour operators or hotels recommendations.


  In fact “Guachinches” are family restaurants where you can enjoy the excellence of local made meal at good price. The have been so well received  by residents and tourist who visit us, that book have been written giving the routes of these cheap restaurant. Despite the unorthodox structure of these places, safety and quality are guaranteed. It is well known that their food is fresh and natural. Oh!. Don´t forget to enjoy the local wines which they serve, which is the best thing of all. Take advantage!