Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1



Original islandic name of Geysers means emanate. Geyser is a surprising and unique phenomenon where water   is heated by rocks from subsurface close to magma  layers deep in earth. The resultant boiling of the pressurized water results in the geyser effect of hot water and steam spraying out of the geyser’s surface vent.

There are 2 types of Geiseres. Cone Geyser. Generally all geyser field sites are located near active volcanic areas, and the geyser effect is due to the proximity of magma and Fountain geysers erupt from pools of water, typically in a series of intense, even violent, bursts; and cone geysers which erupt from cones or mounds of siliceous sinter.

National Park of Timanfaya,  in Lanzarote,  has a very impressive Geysers wich main touristic atraction is pouring water inside a hole in floor to force an atractive spitting of steam and water  to surface. Don´t miss the beauty of color and extension of this volcanic landscape. It  magnificent views will be a pleasure to discover the secrets that nature hide  us in each of their corners…

visit this link with to watch  a Geyser  spraying out water and steam in Lanzarote.

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