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Foods with extra vitality.

Foods with extra vitality.



     Shunshine, sea air, land Rich in minerals….and the island´s secret for health

And wellness. Why don´t you try them and enjoy their benefits


     Bananas.  Prepacked by nature and ready to eat, Canary Island bananas are delicious source of energy and valuable minerals and vitamins, and even a remedy of health problems. It helps to counter high blood pressure and beneficial to muscular and nerve functions and its good to get intestine back working normal.  Perfect for children and pregnant women is also said to combat depression and anxiety. About calories has less than 150 calories!….Enjoy the flavour of this delicious fruit!.


     Avocados. Avocados are very good against blood pressure  and irregular heartbeats.  Are also rich in antioxidants wich combats the damage from radical associated with aging.


     Cornmeal. As Canary people know this is the one of the most nutritive foods. Dissolved with milk or stock, kneades with oil, water, fruit, sugar, to accompany casseroles and fish…it is always present the Canary diet at any age. Whole grain flour obtained from roasted grain of one or several cereals. Wheat, barley, rye, corn…on its own or accompanied with pulse flour. There´s no doubt about it; packet of cornmeal is one of the healthiest souvenir wich tourist can take home from the islands.


     Palmhoney. This is really a syrup rich mineral wich obtained by cooking the sap of a type of palm tree wich abounds on La Gomera. Of a reddish colour and not as sweet as bees honey every home on the island keep it in stock, both because of its nutritive and gastronomic value and as remedy. It´s has been tradicionally used for colds and throats problems. It is used for rashes and mouth infections because of its antiseptic powers. Is it useful for stomach, thanks to its properties as a blood tonic. It´s virtues are well known beyond the island and many tourist go back home loaded down with the sweet sap of la Gomera.

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