Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1




Festivities in la Orotava are amazing for they variety and richness culture offer. There are three important events:

Corpus Crhisti  Coloured and floweres Carpets: This year on 30th June. The origins of this tradition becomes in SXIX Century ( 1847) by the family Monteverde when started to show this art around their  own house. One of the most spectacular carpet is situated on the town hall  square of the village.

Traditional Orotava Fest, where a charm parade is develop among people dressed with their traditional clothes, this year on Sunday 3rd July. People find themselves on street to share pieces of cheese, gofio and bread.

Baile (Ball) de Magos Finally is remarkable the night fest in the same city where visitors enjoy the night having dinner of tipical Canarian food and sharing popular music and showin their coloured tipical dresses with friends. Unforgetable!

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