Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1



One of the most important  reasons to travel to the Canary Islands are the landscapes you can find in this touristic  resort and this is well known for it overwhelming beauty. But also nowadays is increasing the practice of climbing, a sport which is as risky as beautiful. Who exercise it requires a good phisiscal conditions and a great mental concentration that lead climber  to minimize the risks.

Canary Islands can be found several places for your enjoyment. In the south of Tenerife are  well known places to take the most of climbing like Barranco del Infierno,  Barranco Hondo ,  Barranco Masca or Barranco  Hortiz but  through out the island’s geography you can enjoy less risky activitie and find  learning levels to practice. There are some climbing academies to practice and develop contact skills and advancement. But the value certainly more important to find sense to this sport is when you develop the implicit love of nature and fellowship, which convert this in the essential qualities that all successful climber should have.


Some of the climbing academies we propose.- =

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