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Cheese is one of the most gastronomic Canary Islands value. From precolombines times to present has become one of most important  part of our culture  livestock sector of our economy.

There are several types of cheese:

- Cheese in bloom.Is it must be made with special care and it is only sold in April and May.  The result of all  is a good compact mass. The texture is creamy and the flavor has a slightly bitter taste.

- Cheese in half flower. It treatment also requires special care. It is a creamy cheese, soft, compact which mixes  goat, cow and sheep millk

- Northern  mixture cheese. Is a mixture of animal or industrial curd with a smooth taste and  crust stuffed with paprika.

- Sheep cheese. Quite fatty with a much more intense taste and smell and as much is cured is  more spicy to palate become.

- Cow cheese. Is not as common as goat or  sheep but also can be found. The mass is more compact and  taste more acid.

- Sounthern Cheese mixture . Semi cool, very compact and smooth

- The goat cheese. Is a compact paste, with a yellowish crust when is it heals. Some are smeared with oil and gofio. Has a strong flavor and slightly spicy.

- Southern goat cheese. Strong aroma and acid taste , but nice. It is easy to be consumed cured and semi cured,  andin fact to mature it is rubbed with  gofio and paprika One of the most common use of cheese is to use it as pate.  This special cheese pate  is called .  The texture and sensation when you try it  are unforgettable.

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