Licencia Turística Nº I-0002152.1


canary folklore, music and art of islands

Canary Island  folklore has got his own lyrics and instrumental style. You can say even that it has got his own idiosincracia with invaluable wealth. The origins of islands music we can fin it from SXVI with a enourmous influence of Spanish Jota. In the variety of diferent kind of local expresion  where is remarkable  isa, foils and Malagueñas. Timple, bass, guitar, lute, etc are some of the instruments that are used to make their own compositions. Chacaras ( instruments) and tipical colorful dresses  and dance  accompain rythm even in local festivities and private parties in all archipielago.  Wine and tradicional food ( Ropa Vieja, cheese, mojo, gofio.. ) make the best experience when we mix all toguether. Something is clear, the commitment to preserve their own tradition has been a struggle to find each year more peopleenjoying the best of their folklore.  enjoying the best of their folklore.

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