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Day trip in the snow

Is not very usual that a blanket of snow fall upon Las Cañadas del Teide National Park as this year. Recently Tourists and local people from across the island thronged on weekend to enjoy snowfall. Las Minas de San Jose is the favorite area, in the base of Teide´s peak, to play with ice and spend time together with friends and family.

Teide nevado

Actually, is amazing enjoying 30 degrees in winter and be able to go from coast to high mountain level in hardly one hour, but also, to have the possibility of playing surf and snowboard in the same day in such a small island as Tenerife. PVC fabric or a cardboard box can be used as sledge to slide down the characteristic pumice hill of National Park and feel the speed sensation. Bravest people use even bodyboards and snowboards to try their jumps. Don’t´ forget to beware of stones and people around that want, also, to have good time. Whatever, endless fun is guaranteed having a snowfight with your friend or mayby creating your own snow masterpiece 2700 meter above the sea.


Teide´s cable car restaurant will give you the chance of having a great hot coffee or snack to regain strength while gazing the stunning Garcia´s Rocks views become, no doubt, a unique experience.
Tip!: Taking thick socks, a good winter jacket, gloves and sun protection cream is recommended for having one of the best days of your life.

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