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Cycling in La Gomera.

Haven´t been ryding La Gomera yet? It´s time to discover a new world. Beauty of Valleys and inmense ravines are waiting you in, a land just made for cycling. Full of paths with different levels abrupt mountains become more atractive even if we are considering that soft tempetures help us to take the most of our performance. Of course, be a effort deserve a great reward: have a nice swimm on coast after reaching goals of challenge.

Road bends, cliffs and huge ravines invite us to enjoy splendid sighseeing and stunning nature. Stop for a while when you have your personal best and try some goat cheese in or famous coffe “ Barraquito” ( with lemon, cizammon) in local restaurants to boost energy. On the way take a tour from “Valle Gran Rey” to “Los Organos” Cliffs; Sail surrounding the island and past beautiful valleys, sheer cliff-faces and isolated sea inlets. Los “Organos” are volcanic natural formation that look like a church organ made of narrow formed basalt pillars. With a bit of luck, dolphins and whales can be seen off the coast of La Gomera.on trip.

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