Casa del Vino and Los Lavaderos Park

Taking the TF5 exit, get into El Sauzal. Soon you will find La Casa del Vino, a  fantastic winery  shop and museum. Discover the Winepress inside. Here local people used to splash grape bringing out the wine of the area. A charmful traditional arquitectue give visitors a unique environment to try the best of the island gastronomy.

Very close to Casa del Vino you can reach La Garañona viewer spot  located in the border Cliff of El Sauzal where you can enjoy the view to playa de los Arenales,  Mesa del Mar and the north coast line of Tenerife.

Following the  Sauzal coast line we reach Los Lavaderos Park,  this place was the meeting point where local women met to do the laundry by hand. Wooden bridges, fountains, a little lake and nice coast views make visitors be able to enjoy a magical place. Very close to Los Lavaderos we find Rico Rico Café. You can not miss this romantic place gazing ocean´s sunset  while you drink coffe inside. ( open from 11-23 h; Plaza San Pedro, 3, 38360 El Sauzal, Santa Cruz de Tenerife; 610 07 42 54)

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