Candelaria´s virgin festivities. Canary Island patron saint

Candelaria Virgin is the patron saint of Canary Islands. This is the reason why each August 15th Candelaria´s village is the honoured place to lead the celebration . Tradition give the oportunity to local people to recreate the virgin apparition to aborigins before spanish conquestor discovered this new land. The celebration is ended with a parade carrying down the virgin statue from church to the main beach in villaje.

During the celebration folkloric music and mime theatre acting show us how precolombine society could live this mistic experience ocurred in XIV th century. Bucios ( seashells used as primitive musical instrument), goats and Guanches soft sheep dresses recreate charmfully what someone consider one of the most important historic event of our cultural hereditage

In fact this is the day of the year that the peregrines come from different villages of the island walking through greenforest routes marked to endure a penitential demostration of devotion that make thousands followers of Christ be joint in this meeting faithful point.

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