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Canary Islands: live adventures sport and love nature

Paragliding flights can be a unique experience to start making contact with adverture´s sport and understand better the nature. Given fortunate geographical situation and spring-like climate our islands are one of the best areas of flight around the world. Taucho (takeoff at 750m), Ifonche, (1000m), Arafo, Las Teresitas or Izaña ( 2300m) ares some the favorites places for those who are looking for an adrenaline shot .

Maybe Tenerife also is considered europe´s largest unknown paradise for rock climber. “ La Catedral” , a crag of 200m height, very close to Los Roques Garcia in Teide´s National Park is and amazing place for those who are well experienced climbers. Las Vegas, village located in Granadilla, with 62 routes available increase the possibilities to challenge yourself while you enjoy environment around you, with a great natural diversity. Arico is the largest area for climbing with more than 260 routes aswell.

¿ Have you ever tried riding a Quad throughout ravines?. Prepare yourself to live south west frontline coast. Punta Blanca, from Los Gigantes to Alcala join sea, wind and sun with amazing panoramic views. If you think is not enough Masca´s ravine landscape´ will give you the oportunity to discover Tenerife in a not convencional way: get ready to remain breathless driving roads of island.

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