Anaga´s  Natural Park, a protected area of  14.41 hectareas is located in La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. With  more than 20  endemic species identified, this area  suggest how important is to keep asave local  fauna and vegetation from possible  human impact over their habitat. Las Carboneras, Llano de los Viejos, Las Hiedras, Las escaleras, Chinamada o las 365 vueltas are some of the most well known trekking trail for all people who are nature lovers.

          This forestry extension is splitted by ravines where  Lovely  views can be enjoyed  from hardly any sightseeing point.  It´s easy to get lost watching  vegetation  diversity from  forest to coast, finding laurel, dragon, juniper  and endemic turquey pigeons as part of a singular landscape.


      Taborno area,  highest summit point  reach 1024 m altitudde  of this natural reserve is also part of   lava, basalt and pyroclastic volcanic extension never stop amazing visitors.

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